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We invite you to delve deeper into the characteristics that differentiate CRIO from other risk management consultants and insurance brokerage firms.

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CRIO, Inc. is a closely-held, privately-owned firm focused on developing long-term client relationships based on converting risk into opportunities that create long-term enterprise value. Unlike many brokerage firms where decisions and recommendations are driven by earnings expectations and higher cost structures, CRIO has the freedom and flexibility to focus solely on what is best for you.

The principals of CRIO have over 50 years of diverse risk management and insurance brokerage experience, which CRIO leverages for your benefit. We understand the real world challenges faced by chief executive officers, chief financial officers, corporate risk managers and other executives of middle market and large corporations. Our team has the expertise required to develop unique solutions to the complex problems you face operating your business every day.

CRIO differentiates itself through its unique definition of a “proactive partner” for risk management and insurance procurement. At CRIO, being your “proactive partner” means:

  • Always putting your interests before our own.
  • Delivering what we promise.
  • Consistently presenting innovative ideas and solutions.
  • Investing the time necessary to thoroughly understand your needs and preferences, to explore every available option, and to customize a solution to your needs and preferences.
  • Utilizing a forward thinking approach to client management to prevent adverse surprises that you would have to explain to your stakeholders.
  • Keeping our fingers on the pulse of the marketplace to communicate to you trends that will affect your future cost of, and access to, coverage.
  • Preparing for renewals well in advance to prevent the all-too-common last minute rush.

CRIO is on the cutting edge in developing solutions to your toughest risk management challenges. Our firm provides the sophisticated consulting and support services necessary to help a client decide when and how to transfer risk and how to effectively manage retained risk.

Unlike many brokers who try to be everything to everybody, CRIO focuses on serving clients who fit a clearly defined profile. Most clients have an annual total cost of risk that exceeds $2 million and need a proactive partner who will consistently deliver real service, real creativity and real transparency. If you fit our client profile, we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate to you how CRIO can improve your risk management and insurance program. We will convert risk into opportunities for you.